How long does a mattress last, and is it time to replace your mattress?

A branded and high quality mattress is supposed to last for a very long time. It is said that these mattresses can last for more than five years. Even the product warranty of the mattress specifies a five-year warranty. This means that the product is designed to last for at least 5 years. Given this, many people are bound to change their bed or mattress after 5 years. But the question still remains, how long does a mattress last? To answer this question entails knowing the specific demographics and preference of the person. In a recent survey, majority of people prefer to replace their mattress after 7 years of use. This is even if the mattress is still soft and have not shown any drastic wear and tear.



The idea behind replacing the mattress after 7 years of use also stems from the fact that many people find hygienic reasons to replace the mattress. A new mattress, for them, is still the best route to go, rather than cleaning the old mattress. And so, to be able to answer the question on how long does a mattress last, one must look into his preference and his overall need for a new mattress. Justifying to buy a new mattress is sometimes not attributed to the age of the mattress, but to the comfort level that one has when lying down on that bed.

The comfort level of a particular mattress should also not be confused with the softness of the mattress. Some people find that a mattress that is too soft is not comfortable and would prefer something that is on the hard and firm side. It is important for the person shopping for a new bed to be able to test it out if he would be comfortable on the new bed.