Anabolic steroids – pros and cons

Anabolic steroids are those who are mostly taken by professional athletes for increasing their performance. Bodybuilders and sports stars mainly take this supplement; it helps them in increasing their performance. That is the most common reason that it is also considered as a performance increasing supplement.

It is used for so many years, before using these supplements it is the main thing that you should always consider their benefits and negative aspects. If you don’t know, then you don’t need to worry because we are here to provide you with the essential information about the anabolic steroids.


  • Improve endurance

It is one of the benefits of the steroids is that if you are taking it, then it produces more red blood cells. Due to it, you can take more oxygen for your muscles and entire body. If this thing is done, then your muscles will work for longer and harder.

  • Increase power and strength

The second benefit of the steroid is that it is used as the performance increasing supplement. As we know that every sports person wants to do better than the competition.

Risks of the steroids

  • It is an addiction

If you are taking these steroids for long, then you may become addicted to it. After taking this steroid, their body is becoming faster, stronger and more significant as they want.

  • Side effects

It also has some of the adverse effects as like other steroids. Maybe some of these side effects may become severe. Those side effects are- dizziness, exhaustion, and dehydration. Their risks are different in both men and women. Some of the users of this steroid are suffering from extreme depression and mood swings.

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